Create Student and Family Partner Accounts

Educators can create Student and Family Partner accounts from their My Class Rosters page. There are three methods for creating these accounts. 
Follow the guide below to get started, or click one of the sections above to jump to that method. 

Add Individual Students

1. Locate and click the class tile you would like to add your students to.

2. Click the Add Students and then the Enter New Student(s) buttons. 

3. Choose whether your students will be logging into their accounts with a username and password, or if they will be using Google Single Sign On.

4. Decide if you would like to create your students usernames, or if you would like PowerMyLearning Connect to generate usernames for them with a combination of their first name, first initial of their last name, and a random number.

5. Enter your students (and their family partners) information in the form provided.

6. If the information you have entered does not contain any errors, click the Create Accounts button to complete the process.

7. Once the account has been created, you have the option to print a login card for each student in your class.

8. This card is personalized for each student and contains the information they need to login to the PowerMyLearning account.

9. Once finished, this is how your class roster will appear.

Upload Student in Bulk

1. To create more than a single Student account at the same time, you can choose to create Student and Family Partner accounts in bulk in the Add Account Information screen. Click on the Excel Template link to download the spreadsheet used for bulk uploads.

2. In the Excel template, enter your student's information, including their family partner's name and contact information. Once finished, Save and Close the Excel file. 

3. Back in the account creation wizard, click the Choose File button, select the modified Excel template and click the Next button. 

4. If there are any errors in your modified template, you can correct those in the wizard. Hover your cursor over any errors for an explanation.

5. Once the bulk upload is complete, you will see your students listed in your class roster.

Import Existing Students from the School Directory

If students at your school have already created a PowerMyLearning Connect account and to join another teacher's class at your school, you have the option to import those students and their account information into your class.

1. Click the Add Students and the Add from School Directory buttons. 

2. Find the students you would like to add to your class with the search bar or by scrolling through the directory. When you have selected a student, you will see their name and username appear in the Selected Students field on the right. Click the Add Students button to complete this process.

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