Family Playlists

  • What are Family Playlists?

    Family Playlists are a unique type of playlist that have been designed to engage both students and parents in a learning experience. Our program is based on two decades of research at John’s Hopkins University, which has shown that weekly interactive homework assignments that ask students to work to...

  • Getting Started Checklist

    Checklist: Getting Started with Family Playlists in 1, 2, 3... 1 Reach out to your families. Send home this flyer (available in 11 languages!) to inform families about the program and gather contact information. 2 Set up your classes. Create a class and sync and uploa...

  • Family Flyer and Contact Form

    To help introduce Family Playlists to family partners and to collect their contact information, download this informative flyer! It is available in English, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Filipino, French, Haitian Creole, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese. FRONT: BACK:

  • Host a Family Kick-Off Event

    Resources Facilitator's Guide - Family Playlists Kick-off Event – Word; Google Docs Flier - Family Playlists Kick-off Event – Word; Google Docs Slides - Family Playlists Kick-off Event – PowerPoint; Google Slides If you are using Family Playlists with your classes this year, read on for more...

  • Family Video: How to Complete a Family Playlist

    This video is meant to help Family Partners understand what a Family Playlist is, and how they can complete it successfully. This video is available with English, French, Russian, and Spanish audio as well as subtitled versions for Bengali, Chinese, Filipino, Haitian Creole, Korean, Portuguese, and ...

  • Family Handout: Conversation Prompts

    Share this flier with families to provide them with guiding questions they can ask to support their children with Family Playlists and other homework. The flier also reminds families of the benefits of empowering their children to take the lead when they are working on Family Playlists together.

  • Lesson Plan: Launching with Students

    Resources Launch Lesson Plan – Word; Google Docs Launch Lesson Slides – PowerPoint; Google Slides Student Handout: My Family Partner Letter – Word; Google Docs Download a Family Playlist launch lesson plan and accompanying PowerPoint presentation.

  • Student Handout: Family Playlist Planner

    Resources Student Handout: My Family Partner Planner – Word; Google Docs Use this planner to help students take ownership over their Family Playlist assignments. The planner allows students to keep track of Family Playlist due dates, rate their comfort level with the playlist topic after rev...

  • Student Handout: Get Ready to Teach

    Resources Get Ready to Teach Your Family Partner Sentence Starters – Word; Google Docs If you’re giving students time to get started on their Family Playlists during class, you can support students with preparing to lead the Family Exploration using this handout. First, have students complet...

  • Conferencing Tips

    Resources Conferencing Guide for Family Playlists – PDF; Google Docs Use this guide to help you during formal or informal conferences with students who are struggling to complete Family Playlists. You can use this to help pinpoint the challenge areas and work collaboratively toward a soluti...

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